Touring skis

Movement Iki


The Iki paved the way for the new generation of free-touring skis with a new weight/performance ratio which is still rarely matched. The Iki is a sporty and energetic ski which can be pushed hard due on extreme terrain as well as bite the snow in bigger turns

Mixed Sidewall Construction

This revolutionary technology mixes two styles of sidewall design cap and straight sidewall. The tip and tail of the ski are cap construction near the contact points and under the foot straight sidewalls. This makes the ends of the skis lighter and easier for touring, but still gives the superior pressure transfer under foot for better edge grip in the turn.

  • Camber Profile
  • Tri - Axial Fibersglass
  • Ultra Light Karuba Wood Core
  • Sintered 4000 Base
  • CTS Sandwich Technology
  • ABS dampening
Size (cm)Radius (m)Nose (mm)Waist (mm)Tail (mm)
158 19 117 80 105
168 20 117 80 105
178 21 117 80 105
185 22 118 80 106

Available in the following sizes:

Movement Iki - 158