Split board

Burton Landlord Split

With the split edition of the Burton Landlord, out of bounds becomes your own backyard. Ditch the masses with the unparalleled ease, stance adjustability, and compatibility of the Split Channel mounting system. Underfoot, the Landlord Split’s Balanced Freeride Geometry elicits the holy grail of a freestyle feel with the float and nimble edging of a directional deck; your key to closing on the best untracked real estate around. Features like a sustainable FSC™ certified wood core and bio-based Super Sap® resin enhances performance and positive feelings.

  • Bend: Directional Camber
  • Shape: Directional Shape, 17MM Taper
  • Flex: Directional Flex
  • Core: FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core, Dualzone™ EGD™
  • Fiberglass: 45° Carbon Highlights High Voltage
  • Base: Recycled Sintered WFO Base
  • Mounting: Split Channel™
  • Features: Squeezebox, Balanced Freeride Geometry, EcoZen® Topsheet, Super Sap® Epoxy, Infinite Ride™


Board Size154159163168
Weight Range 130-170 lbs. / 59-77 kg 145-185 lbs. / 66-84 kg 165-205 lbs. / 75-93 kg 175-215 lbs.+ / 79-98 kg+
Running Length 1100mm 1150mm 1190mm 1240mm
Waist Width 246mm 253mm 255mm 261mm
Sidecut Depth 21.0mm 22.0mm 22.7mm 23.7mm
Sidecut Radius 7.2m 7.5m 7.8m 8.1m
Stance Width 530mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Nose Width 296.6mm 305.5mm 309.0mm 316.9mm
Tail Width 279.6mm 288.5mm 292.0mm 299.9mm
Effective Edge 1145mm 1195mm 1235mm 1285mm
Stance Location -56 -56 -56 -56

Available in the following sizes:

Burton Landlord Split  - 154