Touring skis

Movement First Apple 2018

The Movement Apple range is for people taking their first steps in the world of ski touring. They're light weight so you don't tire yourself out getting to the top of the climb and its easier to make kick turns. They are wider than a normal piste ski so you can float on the way down but narrow enough that its easy to brake trail, follow a skin track and find an edge when on steeper or harder terrain. There is a little rocker in the nose so you can enjoy surfing the pow but not enough to loose traction when going uphill. Now get out there and explore!

Ski Length (cm) 146 153
Tip Width (mm) 115 117
Waist Width (mm) 80 80
Tail Width (mm) 104 106
Sidecut Radius (m) 17.0 18.0

Available in the following sizes:

Movement First Apple 2018  - 146